Hi Alumni,

Today, we celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela, whose humanitarian efforts still ripple across the globe. Closer to home, the efforts of SHAWCO continue Mandela’s legacy as the largest student-led NPO in Africa.We are truly humbled by the thousands of student volunteers, leaders, and SHAWCO alumni that have come before us and will come after us. There is no doubt that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. We salute each and every one of you and all you have done for SHAWCO.

The legacy of this extraordinary organisation comes with the enormous weight of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of all of us touched by SHAWCO to ensure that we honour her legacy.

However, to continue this legacy, we need your assistance.

Join us by using your 67 minutes of humanitarian efforts in Mandela’s name to support SHAWCO in our GoFundMe campaign. Join us as we continue to touch and change lives for another 80 years.

Who and What is SHAWCO Health?

A bright future ahead

There is no doubt that SHAWCO’s future is a bright one, given that we’ve built this legacy on your efforts. Unfortunately, COVID has taken its toll on us. This is most especially because our funding arm, RAG (Receive and Give), has been unable to actively fundraise for us due to UCT being in lockdown for the last two years. While we managed to sustain ourselves in 2020 and 2021, we are currently in need of funds for the 2022/3 financial year. We aim to generate £60 000 to enable us to translate our vision into action over the next 12 months.

Times are hard for our communities, and while our students make a tangible difference, we cannot do this alone.

Meaningful change requires allies.

SHAWCO needs your help, the help of the generation that came before. Any financial contribution that you could make would be greatly appreciated.

Help us to continue to touch and change lives.


Youth leads the charge

As you all know, on a cold, wet, and windy evening in July 1943, Andrew Kinnear and Dr Golda Selzer made their way to Kensington with a group of dedicated medical students to run the first ever SHAWCO clinic. Andrew was quoted as saying, “In driving gales and pouring rain, this small band of students were incredible, and their keen sense of duty was truly remarkable.”More often than not, it is youth that leads the charge for change. Our SHAWCO students are out in the communities making a tangible difference in the health and education space, but meaningful change requires allies past and present.

We cannot do it alone. SHAWCO needs your help – the help of the generations that came before, our SHAWCO alumni. From you, our extended family.

Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Many things have changed since 1943, but the devoted sense of duty has not. So join us by using your 67 minutes to support SHAWCO in our GoFundMe campaign. Join us as we continue to touch and change lives for another 80 years!

Make a difference this July for Mandela Month by partnering with us, donating, and supporting our cause. We can’t do this without you.

Please share this message: https://gofund.me/26635890 

Yours Sincerely,
Dr Jackie Stewart Executive Director